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The Life of a Foundation Colonist

A Great Victorian Pioneer

Back in the mid 1800's an Irish immigrant made quite a name for himself in the fledgeling colony of Victoria. His name was Michael PENDER


A full life.

Watch this space !

Lounge Chair Genealogist will be publishing a fascinating expose of a very important Victorian colonial pioneer.
He is mostly forgotten today, but his industry and vision has helped forge the Melbourne we see today. Who is he?

You'll have to come back to find out !

Sources, sources, sources.

Test Your Data!

We all love adding names to our family history and expanding our databases, but how do we know that the information that we are adding is accurate? The key is to check the source of the information and to check the veracity of the information. Does it stand up to logic? If the source of the information was present at the event, his or her information is likely to be most accurate.
However Aunty Pearl may have had one too many sherries when she is giving her version of family events! Every time that information is transcribed or passed on, it is subject to errors and may be less reliable. So look for multiple sources to confirm your data. Does the story make sense?
Here's an example. A recent scan of public member trees listed on for Anne Humphreys, born 1797 in Anglesey Wales, revealed 3 full pages of incorrect data! At least 40 different family trees has listed her age as 3 yrs when she married. If someone had taken the time to think through the information they would see it is clearly wrong. So far no one has! If your family history is important to you, check and record your sources. And test your data – often!

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New payment option.

Lounge Chair Genealogist will now accept payments via paypal. This is great news and gives you more payment options.
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Great Week Researching

Many challenges this week.

After coming to a full stop at 1918 tracing my client's family, a wider sweep of records and newspaper reports lead me across different States and numerous name changes and variations.
Found them! Very rewarding for the researcher and a very happy client.

Let Lounge Chair Genealogist help you break down your brickwalls!

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It's always time for Genealogy!  Where you came from and who made you who you are today is an important part of being human.

There's no one I know who doesn't love to find out about their ancestors ... how about you?

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